Community Connections and Resources During Uncertain Times

We’d like to share with you a few connections and resources we’ve found to be helpful in recent weeks. For more resources, browse through our blog or check out our Resources page.

Feeling restless and wish there was something you could do? Check out tips to make Sunshine Cards for older adults and people in our community. A great activity with kids or for teens to do on their own.

KC Public Library provides a community resource guide to help navigate the KC area, including CV-19 Health & Safety Tips, Internet Access Sites and Grab & Go Meals.

Talking With Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents and Teachers during Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

The new suggested restrictions on social contact is having a particularly big impact on teens. Teens thrive on peer contact and connections. Fortunately, technology is helping them, and all of us, to stay in touch. In addition to digital connections, teens can also gain great benefits from incorporating relaxation techniques into their daily schedule.

If you need help, call JFS at 913-327-8250 to speak to a JFS Navigator about counseling services, food assistance and other services. There are many services available to help at JFS and throughout the community.

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